Did you forget we had a garden growing around the beehives? Me too. Krista’s working on the next installment of the swarm sage, but I just can’t resist talking about my berries in the meantime. You guys, we’re growing berries.

Yes, it’s summer already and my fruit is still zygotic, but love me anyway. Happy belated summer solstice, by the way. As Levi says, “The days are just going to get shorter and shorter from here on out.” Thanks for the sunshiney optimism, kid! On to the berries!

I have green blueberries on both of our potted blueberries!

I have green strawberries:

The raspberries are still nothing more than sticks, but I didn’t expect them do anything this year, except hopefully survive to next year.

Now all I have to do is keep the birds and slugs away from them for a few more weeks! I need lots of vigilance and bird netting!



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6 responses to “Berryliscious

  1. bird netting and skunked beer. :)

    • jess s

      my slugs are teetotalers or something. the beer never works on them. it’s a very good year for slugs (if you are a slug) and i am debating throwing away our retirement fund on copper tape and sluggo!

      but heck yeah on the bird netting. it’s bought, just needs to be installed!

  2. If you grow a big enough blueberry crop, I will make you blueberry pierogis. Also, 1010 Thomas St. That is our closest community garden! It is so darling!

    • jess s

      maybe in a few years i will have some real blueberry crops. this year i have about 2 doz. blueberries. i do want blueberry pierogies, though. there are a few organic blueberry u-pick farms near olympia. we should go get a few lbs for cheap & render them into dessert pierogies!

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