good day sunshine

When we woke up early yesterday morning, we thought the excitement of our day was going to be Levi’s 8th grade graduation.

They fed us a mostly inedible breakfast (fruit is not supposed to taste like that) and we squirmed in the bleachers for what seemed like an eternity to our butts. Bless their hearts, his school isn’t full of the biggest talents. A bunch of kids sang really off-key. A girl played a cello piece and missed several notes. It was a really appropriate end to middle school, the most awkward period of anyone’s life. And Levi got his promotion certificate.

Then he took off for the water park with his friends and we had a day mostly to ourselves. Jess had the day off and I only had a two hour training class later in the day. So of course we went out for some real breakfast and power shopping. I was determined to finally get something to deal with our lawn. We may regret the work commitment, but we settled on this:

While we ran around to three different stores before finding a good deal on the mower, we managed to FINALLY find a new washer that fits in our laundry closet and is energy and water efficient. Have we not blogged about this dilemma yet? To sum it up, our 10 year-old, front-loading washer busted and the super efficient models they make nowadays are freaking huge. Don’t you think it is kind of ironic that in order to own the most efficient laundry machines of 2010 you have to live in a giant house? If you live a simple lifestyle in a tiny house, you have to pay more money for a less efficient machine that fits in your space. GAH. Anyway, we finally found something reasonably efficient that fits. At that moment, as we sat in Home Depot, the ceiling opened up and a giant rainbow streamed across the sky and angels started singing HALLELUJAH! The only downside is that I only get one more date with the Ms. Pacman machine at the laundromat.

We headed home feeling very pleased with ourselves, and I assembled our human-powered lawn mower while Jess puttered around in the backyard. I got the thing together and mowed about 3 rows of our lawn before Jess called me to the backyard. She had just sprained her wrist during yard work the day before and there was a bit of urgency to her voice, so I put down the mower and headed to the backyard. Jess looked at me wide-eyed and said ominously, “Something is going on with the bees.”

I looked up and our backyard was literally abuzz. There were bees everywhere. I know we have a lot of bees, but we don’t usually see so many all at once. They were everywhere. They seemed to be mostly converging over the gigantic laurel between our yard and the neighbors. “Oh god, I hope the neighbors don’t see that,” I thought. And Jess tried to convince me to come back there. I’m happy to participate in the beekeeping, but I don’t have a suit or veil. Levi and I normally just cover up really well and pull our hoodie strings tight. I was not about to walk into a sea of bees without protection.

Jess was in a daze and a bit of denial. My little walking bee-encyclopedia didn’t even have her bee suit on! I told her to go get her veil. “I’m pretty sure your bees are swarming. And I’m going to go back to mowing the lawn.”

To be continued…



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13 responses to “good day sunshine

  1. Brie

    I am excited beyond all reason that you were successful in finding a washer. Jess and I were commisserating over our (lamely) grown-up dreams of having working appliances.

  2. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the bee story!
    Oh, and rebby does our two lots-to-be (3000sqft minus the garden bit) with a push mower.
    Usually she feels good about it (except on 80% humidity days like today) It’s really nice not to have to think about gassing it up, for sure. And the lack of noise pollution is also a big plus.

    • misterkrista

      We shall see how well we’re able to keep it up. It is hard to have motivation to mow your lawn when a) you don’t want a lawn and b) your lawn came with possibly more weeds than grass.

      • our “lawn” is really not grass at all…mostly vetch and clover. in fact, when we had an arborist come and take down a couple of dangerous trees, he commented that it was almost like someone had planted a “deer friendly” mix. Hmm. This is why I want goats. ;)
        The key seems to be mowing more often than you think you should need to. Good luck, and by all means get rid of as much grass as possible!

  3. Emma

    We totally love our lawn mower that is the same one as you just bought. There was a lot of scoffing about it, from Max, the neighbors, my parents etc. but I tried it and loved it, then convinced Max to try and he loved it and now we argue over who’s turn it is to mow. That neverever happened with the gas one. Yay to “down”grading to things from the past that shouldn’t have been “up”graded in the first place!! PS: bated breath over here, jeesh.
    PPS: Congratulations to you all for making it through (the worst??) part of childhood!!

    • misterkrista

      It is pretty fun! We took turns with the weed whacker too. Jobs like those that show real progress as you go are especially satisfying.

  4. Good point about the washing machine sizes. Before we moved into a house and were at an apartment, it was a problem–we had out fingers and toes crossed every time we ran a load that the old machine would not die on us.

    I hope you set the record on Ms. Pacman with your last few quarters.

    • misterkrista

      That would be nice! At least I should be able to make it once through and start over. That game never gets old.

  5. Hillary

    1. I have that mower and I do like it, but it sucks for tall weeds (just rolls over them). I keep meaning to use someone’s weed whacker once and get them short to mow with what’s passing for grass in our yard.
    2. I bet you’re going to love your new washer. I just got a new one. Our house actually has a laundry room, so we didn’t have to worry about the size stuff. It definitely sounds like that added insult to injury!

    • misterkrista

      Our yard is weed city. We actually remember when we were first looking at the house joking about there being more weeds than grass. Maybe the new mower will be motivation to work on it. And to plant more stuff and therefore eliminate more grass.

      • Hillary

        Yeah, I just want to slowly pull everything out except for the clover, and let that fill in. Also we want to plant fruit trees in the front yard, so probably a lot of it will get mulched.

        You guys are adorable with your cliffhanger bee story. I’m on the edge of my seat wondering what happened!

  6. Janna

    Congrats to Levi for getting through middle school. We just went to Isaiah’s graduation last week. Can’t believe how big they are now.

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