uh oh, we’re in trouble

See our hive off in the distance? Now look in the tree.

Our bees have officially swarmed.

Stay tuned. We have so much more to tell you. It’s been quite a day.



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4 responses to “uh oh, we’re in trouble

  1. Oh dear. Did you see them swarming? (If so, does it really sound like a freight train?) What a cliff-hanger. Can’t wait for the next blog installment!

    • jess s

      Oh goodness, it is just too much drama and excitement for one blog post. I DID see them swarming and it was UNBELIEVABLE. Everyone should see a bee swarm (without fear of attack or whatever) in their lives. it is a truly marvelous experience – as in, you will marvel at the wonders of the world when you see it.

      My heart is still racing. Stay tuned!

  2. andrea

    !!! okay post more now? :O

  3. Ehrrin

    Yes, need update!

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