an old favorite done local

Once upon a time, our month long New Year’s resolution was to try a new recipe a day for an entire month. I could have sworn we blogged this here, but apparently we didn’t. You can read all about it on the 31 recipes in 31 days Flickr set. It was a lot of work, but we made it the entire month and some days even tried more than one new recipe. The end result was we got out of a dinner rut and found quite a few new favorites.

So when we were shopping at the farmer’s market this week, it didn’t take long for us to decide we wanted to use local ingredients to make a couple recipes we tried back in January of 2009 that are now old favorites: Martha Stewart’s colcannon and barbecue braised short ribs from Vegan Vittles.

Here’s what we got: Walla Walla sweet onions, kailaan, and leeks.

Those onions were calling to us every week. It did force us to think about exactly how nearby something needs to be to be local. Walla Walla is a good 300 miles from us. The only answer we could come up with was “the closer the better,” and we decided to go for it with the onions that traveled 300 miles.

The kailaan was described to us as a green that is sweeter and softer than kale. We thought it looked a little like broccoli rabe, and it did taste awfully sweet raw. A little help from Google tells us this is also called Chinese kale OR Chinese broccoli. You can basically eat every part of it, and we sure did.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love leeks? I really love leeks. I love them so much I put an entire bunch in this batch of colcannon instead of just one.

And I do think the ribs were better than ever, smothered in all those sweet onions. Since we bought them with the stalks, I used the light green parts, too. I may have used extra onions as well.

This meal is so satisfying. You know it is good when the inevitable, “What’s for dinner?” hour arrives and the kid cheers at the answer.

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  1. Guess who is Irish and who is farmer’s marketing and who is making g.d. colcannon tomorrow?


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