the little Meyer lemon that could

I have been eyeing dwarf citrus trees for a couple years, not sure I could even keep one alive inside the house in our climate. Finally this year when we were seed potato shopping I came across some little Meyer lemon trees and Jess convinced me to just go for it.

It mostly sits in our bay window on a cute vintage stand we found for cheap. The thing has barely even made it outside for many field trips to sun itself out there with the dogs, and yet something is happening.

It’s making teeny, tiny Meyer lemons.

It’s making a whole lot of them. We still have a long way to go, but this is encouraging!



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2 responses to “the little Meyer lemon that could

  1. Hillary

    Cool! It looks like the lemons are oozing out of the buds.
    Hey, I was thinking of you all today as I was adding tires to my potato stacks. I had no idea how fast potatoes would grow- it’s out of control. We have four tire stacks, plus a bin jury-rigged out of pallet wood slats, plus some yukon golds planted with the beans. I can’t cover them up fast enough!

    • misterkrista

      It is hard to keep up with them! Last year we weren’t good enough about mounding them up. We are probably going to update soon on our potatoes. I’m actually about to plant some more. I think it will be okay, we can have a staggered harvest.

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