locavore pizza

This week’s trip to the farmer’s market was extra special for 3 reasons:

#1 First weekend I have had off in weeks, so I got to go!
#2 We got to get brown sugar waffles for breakfast.
#3 While we were inhaling our waffles, we ran into our adorable friend Mike who was also buying food and said he had been inspired by our blog. He had even picked some of the ingredients we had been eyeballing. Pretty cool.

Here’s what we came up with this week: eggs, morels, and cheese curds.

The eggs are from Stiebrs Farm in nearby Yelm and we actually get them on a regular basis at our co-op.

Before tonight nobody in the family had eaten morels. The mushroom guy at the market saw us hemming and hawing and reeled us in. We weren’t quite sure what to do with them, and it was pretty interesting to talk to him. He taught us that you can ruin them with water and they were already washed with a brush and some salt water. Hmmm. He also said they are good simply sauteed in some butter, or maybe in scrambled eggs. So we had him weigh up $5 worth of morels.

We’d been wanting to try some cheese from Twin Oaks farm at the market since Jess talked to them on another visit. It is interesting what you find out when you start asking questions about where your food actually comes from. You could be buying locally made cheese made with milk from who-knows-where, but when Jess asked these folks she spoke to the lady that milked the goats and cows herself. Win! We went for the cheese curds after some samples, thinking the mild flavor would be good to let the morels shine.

So remember when we made breakfast pizza? It’s so popular in our house that the first thing I thought of for our three ingredients was pizza. And since the mushroom guy made me think morels and eggs would go well together, it seemed meant to be.

Hey, morels are good stuff. We were also really stoked on how good cheese curds are on pizza. We also threw on asiago, salt & pepper, Italian parsley, and a bonus local ingredient: the chives growing in our living room.


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2 responses to “locavore pizza

  1. Janna

    Damn it. I’ve gotta stop reading this blog before breakfast. I don’t think Boeing cafeteria is going to cut it. That looks good!

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