Jess may have forgotten to tell you that I saved her neck while she inspected the hive this week. A bee got up under her veil and was crawling around on her neck and down her shirt. I actually had to put my camera down and carefully remove it. No stings to report!

There is a lot of interesting stuff going on inside, but for now I’ll just show you a couple photos of baby bees! They were hatching all over the place before our eyes.

Above you can see one baby just poking out right in the middle, and a few more at various stages of getting out around the shot.

And here she is poking her whole head out. I really need a telephoto lens, although there might just be entirely too many bee photos if that happens.



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3 responses to “newborns

  1. That must be amazing to watch. There was a farm that raised bees near us and they had an observation window that was great to watch.

    Glad no stings were reported.

  2. That little bee head is the cutest thing in the world.

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