queen spotting

We opened up the hive again tonight to make sure that all is going well and check to see how crowded it’s getting in there. You have to add the second box before the bees get too crowded, but not so early that they have too much room and not enough bees to fill it. I estimate we have about 1.5-2 weeks before it gets overcrowded.

We smoked the hive a little bit and cracked open the box. The boxes are starting to get stuck together with wax & propolis as the bees get more comfortable and glue things into place. It was definitely more work to get the cover off this week — they had glued one of the frames to the inside cover with comb and propolis.

The bees were extraordinarily gentle, however. Only a handful were flying around, and most of them were too busy on the frames to even notice we were poking around. They were pretty docile (for wild animals), so Levi & Krista were able to get a good look into the hive. And even the chihuahua is starting to get more comfortable with the hive.

Very quickly, we found tons of capped brood, uncapped brood, lots of eggs, and a few drone cells. We found cells packed with pollen pellets and nectar/sugar syrup (we are still feeding a lot of sugar syrup). I was pleased to see how well things are going. We mocked the lazy future drones, sang a lullaby to the brood, and spotted the queen! She was holding court on the third frame from the right. There was no mistaking her. I was glad we spent the extra $1 to get a marked queen. Behold, Our Lady of the Liquid Gold!



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5 responses to “queen spotting

  1. All hail the Queen! name her Freddie. ;)

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