Monday night dinner

Can you believe it is May? I sure can’t. The weather isn’t doing much to convince me. I spent a good part of my day running wood and power tools in and out of the garage before finally giving up on getting any real work done on potato stacks or raised beds. Work on our chicken coop is on hold until all of those are in place and our garden is planted. In the meantime, though, I still get to convince Jess that she likes to eat eggs. She really wants to like them, and I have been slipping them into our meals enough that she seems to kind of love them now.

So tonight I got to make one of my favorites – a frittata. I don’t think I’ve ever made one myself. I really just winged it, and it ended up being pretty easy.

Here’s what I used:

3 small red potatoes, sliced
one leek, white & light green parts, sliced
one package veggie sausage
6 eggs
4 egg whites
4 ounces peppercorn sheep’s milk cheese, grated
salt & pepper to taste
Italian parsley

Mmm, red potatoes. I’m really good at making potatoes stick to pans, so instead I just tossed them with a light coating of olive oil and baked them on the ol’ Silpat mat. Baked at 400 degrees until golden underneath, and then flip and repeat. Success! While that was happening I beat the eggs and whites together with salt & pepper, and stirred in the cheese.

I browned the veggie sausage over medium-high heat and added the leeks and sauteed a bit longer. Then I threw in the potatoes and tossed before pouring the egg mixture over the entire pan. I continued to cook the frittata over medium high heat until it was mostly set, sprinkled with just a little parsley, and popped it under the broiler for another few minutes to set the top. Then I sprinkled it with a little more fresh parsley.

I love how versatile this meal can be, and how you don’t have to mess around with a crust. The only regret I have tonight is using so much veggie sausage. It overpowered the leek flavor I was craving. I think when I make this again I’ll just use a little sausage or none at all and go for more leek and potato. And maybe some smoked gouda. I think that will have to will have to wait until I make an artichoke frittata. Artichokes are definitely up next.

xo Krista


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