not quite breakfast-for-dinner

Why, just the other day I was telling Jess that a had a distinct memory of my mom making a “breakfast pizza” for brunch once when we were kids. It must have really made an impression because I think it was the only time she ever made it. From what I recall, it was more of a casserole dish. It might have had some sort of Pillsbury type crust rather than a pizza dough, and egg and sausage on top. The memory gets less clear from there. However, I was telling Jess I wanted to make a breakfast pizza but perhaps a little fancier and a little more true to pizza.

And then last night I was clicking from recipe to recipe on Smitten Kitchen. By the way, never do that. What do you think happens when you look at that blog late at night when you should not be hungry? Everything looks so freaking amazing that suddenly you need a midnight snack. Bad idea. However, this was well worth the late night hunger pangs because I found this recipe for breakfast pizza. Score!

Our veggie adaption used two Trader Joe’s Italian Meatless Sausage links in lieu of bacon. I browned them in a pan with a little olive oil before baking. I considered using smokey tempeh “Fakin’ Bacon”, but this was cheaper and boy was it good. I also used TJ’s pizza dough and four eggs for one larger pie rather than two 12″ pizzas.

You should have heard the happy noises at our dinner table. This will be made again.



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