We Make Our Beds

The first raised bed has been assembled and situated just so. We stapled chicken wire on the bottom to deter the burrowing mammal pests. We spread a layer of Girl Scout cookie boxes on the ground to keep the weeds down, and placed the bed on top. Krista, our wheelbarrow & I filled it in with our fresh garden mix: half top soil, half mushroom compost. It looks small in this photo, but it’s our biggest bed: 8′ long and 4′ wide. We have five or six more beds to install, and we’ve been spending some quality time with the companion planting classic, Carrots Love Tomatoes imagining and re-designing our intensive polyculture beds. Between our successful seed starting efforts and a seedling swap at Olympia’s GRuB, our house is looking quite lush. Last frost date can’t get here soon enough!



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3 responses to “We Make Our Beds

  1. Kate

    Are you worried about shade from the tree? The perspectives off so I can’t tell for certain. Can’t wait to get home and make my own beds!

    • jess s

      I’m not worried about the tree. We placed the bed and then watched the sun move over it for more than a week at various times of the day. Since the tree is north of the bed, the bed gets unobstructed sunlight for the entire day. If the tree grows larger/longer branches that shade the bed, I will trim them, but we left several feet of extra sunlight as insurance.

    • jess s

      BACK TO THIS QUESTION. I am not worried about sunlight but i am very worried that the tree branches appear to block all rain from hitting this bed. I am really upset that i might have to water it a lot. The tree might get a little snip snip.

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