scrambling to get ready for our impending delivery

Why, yes that is a cheesy animated .gif of Jess priming the beehive!

We have been scratching our heads about the best way to protect the hive from the elements. We thought there would be some simple, natural solution like treating it with linseed oil or beeswax or something, but it is a lot more complex than it seems. Also, raw linseed oil takes weeks to dry. And we sort of put this off until the last possible minute. You’d think the various organic beekeeping library books Jess has lying around the house would tell us what to do, but actually they don’t address this issue at all.

Then after a trip to Fred Meyer where I normally purchase the trusty zero VOC Dutch Boy/Arm & Hammer line of paint for a reasonable price, I realized it is only INTERIOR PAINT. So then we researched the difference between interior and exterior paints. Then I called around to local paint stores and found that I could order low VOC exterior paint but it is really pricey ($40-$60/gallon) and would have to be special ordered. We kind of eliminated this option with the procrastinating. Oops.

Finally, we just decided whatever, it is on the outside of the hive only (the inside of the hive is another story altogether) so let’s go buy some good ol’ fashioned toxic paint. We had previously envisioned a nice, bright color. Then we realized that none of the nice, bright colors we like look so hot with a copper roof. Simple enough, we’ll paint it WHITE.

Something feels so ridiculous and bourgeois about picking out a shade of white paint. First world problems, right?

But whatever, we are leaning toward Vanilla Custard or Lambswool White.

Jess has it all primed and ready for whatever shade of white we settle on.


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