garden state

Keep in mind that our last frost date is not until the middle of May. Even folks as close as Seattle have three weeks on us. Our first round of transplants have been potted up. Someday we will have a greenhouse. Until then, our house has been taken over by green. It’s pretty cool. We grabbed a light-weight shelving unit from the garage and are making good use of the light let in by the sliding glass door.

This is the majority (but by no means all) of our starts. It was painful to sacrifice the littlest guys, our seedling rejects, but we did it.

We planted our tomatoes deep, taking a cue from the wildly successful trench planting technique we tested out last year. If you bury the stem it shoots out new roots! Tomatoes are so cool.

Also I love how even these little guys already smell overwhelmingly like tomato.

The leggiest of our leggy starts would have to be these broccoli, while the borage we are growing for the bees is gigantic. Next step is to plant another round of starts. This time Jess wants to test out some soil-less potting mix since some things had an undesirable layer of green growing on top of the soil. We’re also busy painting our beehive and about a million other things this nice weekend. Wish us luck.

Oh, I almost forgot:

Dirt mountain has arrived. That is 10 cubic yards of mushroom compost. And to the left you can see our slow but sure progress on removing shrubs and the tons of river rock covering much of our yard. This has proven to be a much, much bigger pain than we could have ever imagined.

xo Krista



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2 responses to “garden state

  1. Hillary

    No offense, but I really thought dirt mountain would look bigger. Maybe I have no sense of perspective. Could you make Levi stand next to it? J/k.
    Also, your street is adorable.

  2. misterkrista

    I really thought it would look bigger, too. I mean, in the photo I think the size is somewhat minimized by the fact that I took a wide angle shot to show more of the yard (for the progress on clearing stuff).

    But last year we got 2 cubic yards. So this year should look 5 times bigger. And it almost looks only twice as big to me in person. Hopefully it will fill up all our beds!

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