New York state of mind

Okay so we didn’t have internet access for a while, and we were so tired and busy that we forgot to update our blog about the rest of our NYC trip. So now I’m going to just pretend that we didn’t disappear for a week, and just pick up where we left off.

Our Third Day in the big city, we started with a surprise breakfast on the lower east side – the Doughnut Plant, which is the home of the most ridiculous gourmet doughnuts you have ever imagined. Creme brulee donuts. Peanut butter & jelly donuts. Chocolate cake donuts filled with pudding and covered with chocolate cookie crumbles. It’s just ridiculous. It is a good thing I don’t live in NY. I would spend every paycheck at the Doughnut Plant.

Creme brulee donuts with a caramelized sugar topping! What the heck!

Levi is sampling the peanut butter & jelly doughnut. Crunchy peanut butter glaze, blackberry jam filling.

Then we hurried over to the Great White Way to see the first Broadway show of Levi & Krista’s lives. We saw A Behanding in Spokane, starring Christopher Walken at the Schoenfeld Theater. We all greatly enjoyed this story of a man who has spent the better part of 50 years searching for his missing hand, and it was just amazing to see Christopher Walken being so “Christopher Walken” in person! Right there! from the tenth row!

We even got a shot of Levi inside the theater, right before the polite usher informed us that there is absolutely no photography in the house whatsoever.

After the show, we ate a fancy vegan late lunch at the Candle Cafe, which was delicious with pan-seared seitan and sesame-encrusted tofu, but there was something very “west coast” about it – maybe it was all the avocado and whole grains, or the very familiar stickers they had all over the restaurant. We have a lot of these bumper stickers in Olympia.

To balance out the relative healthiness of the Candle cafe, for dessert, we went to Veniero’s Pasticceria and picked out a few cannoli. We ate them in the parklet near St Marks. They were fulfilled my sweet tooth urge, but they were not the best cannoli of my life. I was spoiled on cannoli by a little bakery in Pittsburgh. These were good, just not great.

We were exhausted, stuffed to the brim, and feeling a little defeated by the breakneck pace of the day and the heat of the city. So we sought refuge in a movie theater, where we saw The Runaways. The movie is about Joan Jett and Cherie Curie and the band they were in, back when they were teenagers and the world was different and girls did not play in bands.

It was an enjoyable way to wind down the day, and my poor aching ankles were relieved by the break. I think we all enjoyed The Runaways, and it was nice to see Kristin Stewart in a less despicable role. Then we hauled back to Brooklyn to rest and rejuvenate for the next day.


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