Krista, Jess & Levi take Manhattan

NYC is pretty fantastic, thank you for asking. Levi & Krista are learning to navigate the subways, and we have spent many hours marveling at the wonder of the beautiful public transportation of this city.

We saw the Empire State Building, although we did not go to the top. We just paused to post for photos.

We have been eating some extraordinary food, which we will recap (hopefully) once we have a little extra time to catch our breath. In the meantime, here’s Levi handling our liquid breakfast from the Liquiteria. We had some kind of ginseng gingersnap carrot beverage with bee pollen and a “Green Monster” which was more purple than green (thanks, blueberries!) but had some serious nutrients. This is in front of St Marks.

We took a trip on the Staten Island Ferry, too. We saw the Statue of Liberty and NY Harbor and Ellis Island & Governor’s Island. Also, Levi took a little nap. Who could blame him? No one sleeps well on a red-eye cross country flight, and the gentle hum of the ferry is like a lullaby.

And of course, being in the city the day of and day after Easter means that we get to see some of the Easter-aftermath. Krista found this stellar example of peep abuse at St Marks. This picture makes me giggle every time I see it.



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2 responses to “Krista, Jess & Levi take Manhattan

  1. emma

    oh my god, the peep in the lion’s jaw is FANTASTIC!!!! my brain already invented the soundtrack for it (it’s very dramatic and involves a large string section).

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