Addicted to spuds…

I may have a problem. I need an intervention. I’m addicted to seed potatoes. We went to Yelm last weekend on a tip from one of my Master Gardener friends. We brought home four more varieties of organic, heirloom seed potatoes. I tried to balance out the seed potatoes we already have so it’s not too, too ridiculous. That means we are growing 8 varieties of potatoes this year. Yes, I am using my expensive liberal arts environmental science education to become an urban potato farmer.

Row 1: Carola + Yellow Finn
These are both late season, yellow, good storage potatoes, as opposed to the early season seed potatoes I already have.

Row 2: Russian Banana + Rose Finn Apple
Russian Banana is one of the top gourmet potatoes. I’m tired of reading about it. I want to grow them myself, with their heavy yields and waxy texture. Rose Finn Apple potatoes are one of the best tasting fingerlings & good for storage.

We’ve cut our seed potatoes and set them out to dry – we want them to develop a callous before they are planted in the dirt.

This is a french fingerling. I just cannot express how delighted I am by this potato.

This is All Blue. When I sliced it open, all i could say was WOW! I mean, that is intense! It dripped bluish purplish juice all over the counter.

All of this has really put the pressure on to figure out our potato stacks. I had the good fortune of stumbling (literally) into some cheap-ass untreated cedar fence boards at Lowes last weekend. I think they will make the most lovely potato stacks, and they were 6′ long – which I can fit in my compact car! Hurray for hauling lumber in a tiny Toyota.

Everything I read (and I mean everything!) gives me a different date for planting potatoes. Since we were successful last year, I’m going to go back to my garden journals and plant when I planted last year. Normally I prefer the corroborating evidence of experts, but they refuse to corroborate, so I am on my own.


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8 responses to “Addicted to spuds…

  1. andrea

    8 varieties?! i am beyond jealous!! the blue one is amazing!
    hey, how long did it take after planting your potatoes before little plants started poking out? i’m sure it’s too early to worry, it hasn’t even been a week yet. but i’m worried anyway. it’s in my nature.

    • jess s

      It’s ridiculous. I bought 4 at one nursery, and then I found this motherload at the other nursery. They must have had like 10-15 types of potatoes, including about 5-6 varieties of fingerlings. It was ridiculous. I thought we exhibited real restraint only picking up four more. Practical, really.

      I didn’t keep very good records about when I planted what last year, but I think I planted the potatoes the second week of May and they didn’t start to take off until early June. I may have seen some small green leaves before that, but nothing impressive.

  2. caitlin

    i love the all blue potatoes so so so so so so so much. sometimes you can buy them at food hole but i want to grow them this year if i can swing it. i love when food is an unexpected color. i love the blue potatoes.

    • jess s

      I know, I feel the same way. Krista is a little more practical about potatoes – she says that having delicious potatoes we can store for a long time is more important than growing crazy varieties for the hell of it. I am kind of six of one, half dozen of the other on-the-fence about weird potato varieties. I am fascinated by them. I don’t know if I will love them all, and I may never grow some of these varieties again, but it’s worth a shot at least this once. Right? I do recommend weird blue potatoes!

  3. andrea

    still so jealous. and thanks, that puts my mind at ease. i planted them last friday and nothing is happening yet, but i guess i can give them another week to show progress. if i have to. ;)


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