Of all the things we are growing this year, I am thrilled to my toes by the artichoke seedlings. They aren’t a special heirloom cultivar – just Green Globe artichokes, the same variety you can buy commercially in the US. Territorial predicts a 70% germination rate, but we’re close to 100% already. The seedlings are thick and substantial next to the slender Brassica seedlings and hesitant tomatoes. Krista & I stare at them for minutes on end, captivated by the futures for these seedlings. Imagine this perennial artichoke plant sticking around for years, six feet tall in the summer, throwing up buds for us to roast and peel and dip into sauces and marinated with herbs and blend with chipotle and carve out the hearts to eat on pizza.



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7 responses to “Choke!

  1. Nicely done! I hope they continue to do well for you.

  2. Kate D.

    Are you going to thin the seedlings? Want to trade? You probably have everything we’ve seeded but just in case…

  3. Hillary

    They’re such cuties! Do artichokes perennialize where you are? I think they might just be an annual here.
    P.S. My celery just got its first true leaves, and they’re absolutely precious.

    • jess s

      The people I know who have chokes here seem to have really high rates of perennial artichokes, so I have high hopes. What zone are you in? There are annual artichokes that perform better, but something like green globe or violetta does better each year, as long as they last.


  4. Okay, you got me. I had no idea artichokes would grow here! I’m so excited!

    • jess s

      Oh heck yeah. They perennialize here, too, so it’s a one-time investment. They can be finicky seedlings, but they are not much work after that. Depending on where you are, you might be able to find baby artichoke plants this spring, since it’s a little late to start from seed.

      Or put it on the schedule for next year. :)

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