on today’s episode of cooking with booze

Okay, clearly this was yesterday’s episode of cooking with booze. Guinness stout and Jameson Irish whiskey. The point is, life is pretty sweet when you have time to cook with booze. All the sweeter when it is holiday themed.

I had to run off to work for some overtime (hey, that’s green $$$), but I managed to make some holiday dinner and dessert for Jess and Levi before I took off. I don’t have a picture of dinner (I quite literally had to RUN off to work). It was one of our favorite recipes, Martha Stewart’s colcannon paired with Tofurkey kielbasa. They just don’t have a vegetarian corned beef around these parts, and like I said, no time to get too crafty. But I did manage to whip up these before I took off:

Chocolate stout cupcakes with Irish whiskey frosting.

For the cupcakes, I used a recipe from Smitten Kitchen. For the frosting, I spiked my favorite cream cheese frosting with some Jameson.


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