Seed Starting

This weekend we started the seeds for our 6-8 week before-last-frost (BLF) crowd. This includes things like kale, artichokes, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, peppers, borage, and other things. In 2-3 weeks, we’ll start a few flats of seeds that need to start closer to the last frost date, and maybe some extras of the 6-8 wks BLF crowd, so we have a staggered harvest.

(Three kinds of kale)

It occurred to me that I never wrote about what we’re planting this year. My plan and hope is to spend this week discussing some of the stuff we’re growing this year, assuming that plant biology, the weather, the wildlife, and the universe don’t conspire against us. I feel like we’re doing our part to grow this stuff – sunny windowsill, coconut coir seedling pots, quality organic potting soil, supplemental fluorescent lighting on a timer. I know we need a cat-deterrent system, but since nothing has sprouted yet, there’s not a lot of urgency.

Related to the dogs and the microclimates of the yard — the best places to start seedlings (sunny windowsills) also tend to be the best places for cat naps. Unfortunately for our seedlings, our warmest, sunniest windowsill faces the bird feeder. I may fly into a fit of rage if I find cat hair on my crushed seedlings, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

Let me go on record here and say that cats have no respect for vegetables and actual disdain for humans who garden. Elsa actually likes to chew on plants. You should see the mangled leaves of my blueberry bush. Look at the force of destruction:



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4 responses to “Seed Starting

  1. Hillary

    Do you know about bitter apple spray? Obviously not for use on plants you’re planning on eating, or on tender little baby plants, but it works great for keeping cats off of houseplants. Bobo and Dolly are both plant eaters/pukers, so I had take action when I moved in with my two dozen houseplants. I use Grannick’s Bitter Apple.

    • jess s

      I’ve heard of it but never tried it because I’m fairly certain it won’t work. This is a cat that eats soap with wild abandon. I just keep most of my house plants in cat-free zones – high up, on inaccessible shelves, or in rooms primarily inhabited by dogs, where she is guaranteed to never be just hanging out and getting bored. Like integrated pest management, for house pets.

    • jess s

      also, is Dolly named for Dolly Parton? if so can you give her a little snuggle from me?

      • Hillary

        She is in fact named after Dolly Parton, though I sometimes call her Salvador Dolly or Dolly Lama to make Kyle mad. [Or Dollface Killah, which doesn’t make any sense. But I also sometimes call my cat, Scribe, “MTV Scribs,” so whatever.] I will try to communicate to her that the next snuggle is from you.

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