this dog called Cash

Despite all the demeaning nicknames we can possibly come up with, this dog is happy. Why, just last night I forced him to put on a dance show to Lady Gaga. We laughed so hard our bellies ached, and I thought he just tolerated it. But look at him!

He’s not just smiling, he’s SMIZING. Oh, I’m sorry, do you not watch America’s Next Top Model? Tyra Banks invented a new word for smiling with your eyes. You see, models have to do it. And so do happy dogs.

What I was really trying capture here was his snaggle tooth. Is this an Italian Greyhound thing? He tends to get his lips stuck up above his teeth on a pretty regular basis. Again we laugh so hard we cry and our bellies hurt. This doesn’t ever get old. And look at him, smizing and being a giant snaggle-toothed doofus all at once. Impressive.

Well now he’s just showing off.


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