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Olympia. It’s a town people love or hate. When I try to explain to people why I love living here, I usually give some sort of generic answer about a town with character and not much traffic; where you can easily take a day trip to Seattle (1 hour) or Portland (2 hours) when you crave the city. Really, it’s tough to explain why I love Olympia because it is a million tiny, little things. I can show you two examples.

#1 There is an Olympia Pie Bakers Guild. Uh, hello? Awesome. They recently had a pie baking contest that was a benefit for the local food bank. For three cans of food or three dollars you could sample one of dozens of flavors of pie.

It was a sea of pie. This pie table was kind of magical. As people bought slices, the volunteers kept refilling it. And just when you thought you had enough pie, they would announce the winners in a new category and only then would they release the winning pie flavors. Genius.

How adorable is this kid who was one of the winners in the youth category?

They even had ribbons and locally made rolling pins in lieu of trophies. After the winner of each division was announced, they auctioned off the winning pie with proceeds going to the food bank. While my favorite pies were a vegan key lime pie and a strawberry rhubarb, the grand prize winner was, you guessed it, APPLE PIE. I have to admit, it was a gorgeous apple pie with an absolutely perfect lattice on top. And how much money do you think that pie brought in for the food bank? $160. Wow.

#2 Oly Piroshki.

Today was a family date at the new food cart we’ve been dying to try, and it didn’t disappoint. Olympia isn’t like the food cart mecca that is Portland. There are really only a few. So to have a food cart that is adorable and has vegetarian options is something special. Plus, we discovered piroshkis are a food none of us had ever tried before. Levi said we were all piroshki virgins.

We took photos next to the cute piroshki girl while we waited for them to fry up our order.

This sucker was stuffed with potato and onion. Yum.

This was unanimously voted as the winner. Feta and dill!

They are so popular they keep selling out of food, so we were lucky they had something left that we could eat for our late 3pm lunch.


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