We had a pretty low-key Valentine’s Day around these parts. Levi was off with his dad. Like just about every holiday lately, I had to work. Sometimes this is great, like the 14 time-and-a-half hours I got on President’s Day. And sometimes it is not so great, like you get a lot less cuddling on Valentine’s Day. We made the best with the hours we had and made an indulgent dinner and dessert to celebrate.

Jess made little hearts on our pizza out of banana peppers and pineapple. And by the way, Andrea, the jar made a great noise when we broke the seal and we’re still alive, so I’m pretty sure you are badass at canning.

Next we made The Pioneer Woman’s baked fudge. It is sort of like an extra gooey brownie. And it was the simplest dessert I can remember making that tasted so good.

It took about five minutes to mix the ingredients and put them in some ramekins and into a pan of water.

50 minutes later the whole house smelled incredible.

And then our favorite ice cream in the world on top. Ben & Jerry’s Creme Brulee. Custardy ice cream with giant swirls of carmelized sugar. Oh man.

Best dessert ever.


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  1. andrea

    hurray! you’re alive!! and what a super romantic valentine’s day. the hearts on the pizza are an especially nice touch. ;D

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