Did I mention we’re getting bees this year? We are. One of the biggest thing I noticed about beekeepers is that they are really, really fond of Puns. I mean, they talk about buzzing around, being busy, about sweetness and honey, and about killing the queen like it’s an inherent part of their first language. (okay maybe not the queen thing) I pledge to try to avoid this conversational trap, even though I love cheesy puns like no one’s buzzzzzzness.

So we got a hive for Christmas. So far, we have successfully convinced the dogs it is not for puppies. Our next step was to join the Olympia Beekeepers Association and start going to their meetings. They meet once a month at an elementary school we can walk to from our house. Krista & Levi went along, too. We spent the first hour in the Beginner Beekeepers Class, which was quite interesting. We learned about the basic equipment and a little about swarms. The beginner beekeeping classes have a big carrot at the end of the stick – Master Beekeeper Certification.

It might take me a year to get through this program, but you can go at a snails pace if necessary.

Then we spent two hours in the OBA general meeting, which was chock full of information that flew right over my head. I paid my dues to become a member for the year, and signed up for a colony of bees. Oh, did I say I signed up for a colony of bees? Because I meant two colonies of bees. It was Krista’s idea. Now we have to get another beehive! We also have to decide between Italian and Carniolan bees. I’m leaning toward Italian bees, but if you have a strong opinion on the matter, please speak up. The bees will be here around the end of April!



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2 responses to “BzZzZzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. Sounds like an interesting and informative course…

  2. Michelle Y

    Whoa… Bees. Jess, you’re amazing!

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