don’t stop ’til you get enough

I sound like a broken record, but Levi is getting so old. Where did his baby face go? There is only a tiny hint of it left. He is still young enough that in most photos of him at home you will find him in his usual pose, cuddling with a Nerf gun*. Here he is, lit by the glow of a laptop:

I love that he comes home from school and tells me cool stuff I never knew, like that some guy has been illustrating the bible with Legos for years. It makes up for all the eye-rolling. Although I expected him to be doing most of it, turns out being around a teenager for lengthy periods of time makes the parents do most of the eye-rolling. I figure that we can survive the teen years so long as he is not as bad as either of us were as teenagers. That should be easy, because we were pretty terrible.

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but when it comes time for Levi to put us in an old folks’ home, I hope he can find one as lively as this:

So, you guys, lately I just can’t seem to stop cooking.

Creamed corn cornbread and kale.

Smoky Maple Baked Beans from the Whole Foods cookbook we probably should return to the library.

Why can’t every spice come in a can as adorable as this Hungarian paprika?

I am trying to get over being too lazy to take the time to make brown rice, and trying out this recipe for baking it was just the push I needed.

We have been trying to eat out less. I planned four meals in one go this week. For awhile there I was planning two at a time, and then we inevitably would end up exhausted at the end of the day with no plan. In other words, dinner was take-out or a frozen pizza with salad on the side. Tonight I’ll make the fourth planned meal (chipotle corn chowder, a crowd-pleaser ’round these parts) and today I focused on stocking us up with healthy things to eat from stuff in the cupboards. Right now some seitan is simmering on the stove. Just before that happened, I pulled some apple oat muffins out of the oven.

I haven’t gotten around to making hummus yet, but our fridge is overflowing with carrots and celery and jicama to dip in it. Now it’s back to the drawing board. What are you making for dinner?

*Jess just whispered to me that she thinks Levi has “lost” all of his Nerf guns. In other words, he has left them out one-by-one and she has hid them all. Some of them are like four foot long missile launchers, so there is a strict rule about leaving them all over the house.



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2 responses to “don’t stop ’til you get enough

  1. I am totally trying the oven brown rice.
    I always screw up brown rice even w/ a rice maker.

    • misterkrista

      It worked really well! I feel like it can’t be that energy efficient, but something about sticking it in the oven and then moving on to the rest of dinner made me happy. My rice cooker doesn’t do brown rice.

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