spectacular mail

Pickled banana peppers? Yes please. Thanks Andrea! We better get your seeds in the mail ASAP!

I know exactly what we are going to do with these. Pineapple and banana pepper pizza! You see, once upon a time when Jess and I were courting, we ordered pizza together for the very first time. Somehow we settled on pineapple and peperoncini, and it became Our Pizza. The Internet tells me that banana peppers are in the same family, only sweeter and milder. I really want to grow peperoncinis and banana peppers this year, but I feel like our peppers didn’t like the PNW weather last year even though it was an extra warm & sunny season for us. Jess keeps reminding me that our monster tomatoes overshadowed everything, though, and it seems really appropriate for a family with a 13 year-old eating machine to have a dedicated pizza garden.



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7 responses to “spectacular mail

  1. a pizza garden sounds just about perfect.
    too bad i can’t keep basil alive for anything!

    • jess s

      nikki, i want to adopt your black thumb & cultivate it until it is green. i had a dream i sent you a mail order garden kit and daily advice and coaching on planting and tending it. isn’t that bizarre!!?

  2. andrea

    oh my god my peppers are internet famous! *_*

  3. i would be all over a pizza garden! except for the Basil Trouble, as above… rrr.

    • misterkrista

      I feel like our pizza garden will be sorely lacking in pineapples, but that just isn’t going to happen in Olympia. I have killed lots of basil myself over the years, always on hot days. I have to keep growing it, though, because I can’t make pesto tofu spread without it.

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