Northwest Flower & Garden Show

This weekend, we walked about 100 miles around the NW Flower & Garden Show in Seattle. It’s the third largest garden show in the country, and my feet are sore. I wore good shoes for walking – real sneakers not silly ballet flats or kitten heels as I am wont to do – but there’s no kind of shoe that can stand up to so much pavement pounding. The demo gardens were beautiful and inspirational. The vendors were friendly and had some incredible products. We saw extraordinary things, from very steampunk-meets-band nerd water features to worlds in miniature in the container garden display, lots of rhubarb and chickens, dinosaurs, dragons, and a huge number of dahlias and bulbs. Krista took a lot of photos (you can see them through that handy flickr widget-thing over to the right), and we’ll be rolling/trickling out blog posts about the most interesting, impressive and inspirational things we saw over the next…. well, I could say week, but it will probably take a few weeks to get through it. Actually, Krista just told me I cannot post about this garden show for three weeks, so I guess I’ll have to type quickly & do it in two weeks. There was a lot of stuff, though! I’m also happy to report that the PNW gnome population is doing quite well this year. We spotted a few.


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6 responses to “Northwest Flower & Garden Show

  1. Lola

    You have made my day! My cohort and I are the gnome-droppers at the garden show and were hoping that someone would post pics of our gnomes. Over 15 were left in various places at the show…

    • jess s

      you’re serious? i don’t know if i found all 15 but we found several of them. there are some more pics of them on our flickr –> over there. do you have photos of all the locations? the dinosaurs & discovery gnome was the first one i found.

  2. Lola

    I’m glad you saw the dinosaur one! That one was hard to drop while so many people around…there was one planted in the “checkerboard” but I think it was after you took your photo.

    I’ll probably get around to posting pics soon…

    • jess s

      I am really excited to see your pics. Great idea. Have you gnome-bombed any other locations I should go check out?

      • Lola

        No, it’s just a fun thing we do at the garden show – no harm is meant to anyone, nor any disrespect of the hard work involved in creating the show gardens. It’s just a fun way to say “we were here.”

        Watch for us in 2011! (Might be gnomes, might be something different!)

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