baby steps

So we bought this new house, right? Okay, it is not really a new house. It is a 75 year-old house, but you know what I mean. When we were house hunting we quickly learned that no house is going to be exactly what we wanted. We have pretty particular tastes, and no house is perfect for us down to every piece of trim and window sill and door knob. We also quickly learned that prioritizing the location of our house put most of the truly amazing houses way out of our price range. We could have bought a gorgeous old Victorian house if we wanted to commute 45 minutes each way to work, but in the end it was important for us to be in Olympia proper, in the good school district, by the best high school, and near downtown. Did you know the internet has the tools to quickly look up the walkability of an address? This is just one of the many things we researched everytime we found a new listing.

What I am trying to get at here is that our house ain’t perfect. There are things we love, things we like, things we tolerate, and even some things we despise. I finally decided that I couldn’t look at these despicable kitchen cabinet pulls another single day:

But what do we get to replace the pulls on the cabinets when we really don’t like the cabinets themselves? We talked and talked and talked about painting the existing ones white. Ultimately, we are going to have white cabinets in our kitchen. I put my foot down, though. I know that I still will not like these cabinets if they are white, and we would end up spending a lot of time and money and still not love them. They aren’t our style and they don’t maximize the space, which is a precious commodity in our 1100 square foot home. So here lies the dilemma. We had to buy cabinet pulls that will look good on our future dream cupboards as well as our current less desirable ones. And here you have it:



Black milk glass 3″ pulls from D. Lawless Hardware for $3.95 a piece plus the shipping was free! Please excuse the crappy flash photography. I really can’t wait for longer daylight hours.

Now those babies are really going to look awesome on our future cupboards, and in the meantime I don’t have those garish gold monstrosities with faux wooden beads in my face every time I go to pour myself a bowl of Trader Joe’s Organic High Fiber O’s.



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2 responses to “baby steps

  1. wow.. i don’t think i could have waited either to replace those. the new ones are awesome. i’ve never seen any like that before.

  2. misterkrista

    Thank you. They were monstrosities, right? There is a place for a little gold bling, but that sure wasn’t it.

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