While Krista wastes no opportunity to tell me that this January is unseasonably warm and not really spring yet, I can’t help that familiar pitter patter in my heart. I know, I am always rushing the seasons, but it is hard for me to follow the arbitrary law of the calendar when I spend some time in the yard and all signs point to spring. My master gardener class starts this week, the seed catalogs are pouring in, and my most beloved plant in the universe has started blooming. Behold: my contorted filbert has survived the winter.

Do you see that tiny pink explosion on the tip of the bud? Very springish. And do you see the pale greenish catkins behind it? Tell me that does not look like spring. We’re not building the beds yet, though, so I try to be content with my endless spreadsheets, plants, diagrams, piles of seed packets and catalogs. What are you looking forward to growing this year?



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2 responses to “Spring!

  1. My golden currant is starting to leaf out, too. It’s been blooming since December, but today was the first time I noticed new leaves.

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