Levi’s taste buds

I talked Levi into weekend brunch Saturday morning. When Krista is working the weekends, it is tough to get enough momentum going to get us out of the house. Levi and I are people prone to lounging in pajamas together and watching British comedy on the Roku. There’s nothing inherently wrong with lounging in pajamas and watching television on weekend mornings, and I know I will treasure those moments when they are gone, but it is nice to occasionally get up and greet the day. Anyway, this weekend we set out for New Moon, a little breakfast café in downtown Olympia. Krista & I go there for our child-free breakfast dates on week days, not for any reason but just out of habit. As a result, Levi hasn’t been there in a loooong time. He ordered a sandwich with avocado, tomato, red onion, smoked Gouda, a thin layer of hummus and a little chipotle mayo. It sounded delicious to me, but I was a little worried how he would react (namely to the spicy chipotle mayo). My worrying was for naught, however. His face lit up when he bit in, and every bite was accompanied by an exclamation. “This is amazing!” followed by, “Truly remarkable flavor!” followed by, “The depth of the flavor just keeps going and going!” and “This is a flavor EXPLOSION!” and then finally, “I think I love chipotle. I am ready to eat more spicy food! Jalapeños! Habaneros! Chiles!” Even his taste buds are growing up, you guys! I was looking at a picture from him this weekend, his dimples on display and his socks falling down. Krista commented, “Isn’t it so weird that someday he is going to look SO YOUNG in this picture?”

And if you want to watch adorable small creatures grow up faster than Levi, you can watch the Shiba Inu puppy cam, where the 1 week old puppies are already starting to grow up. I love the puppy cam. It is at least 75% of the adorable wonderfulness of live in-person puppies, with 0% of the work. They are starting to crawl around!


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