It may seem like I am a little slow, posting a list of goals twelve days into this wonderful new decade. It is just that the new year came and went and I had zero desire to make resolutions. I am not really a resolution type of girl. And then yesterday my brain went into overdrive and I realized we actually have pretty lofty ambitions for the year. I better write them down! And by writing them down, I mean I created a Google document and shared it with Jess and 3 seconds later we were both editing our spreadsheet of goals for 2010. This is how we planned our elopement (harder to plan than it sounds), our honeymoon road trip across the country, and our Christmas dinner grocery list. Might as well “write down” the goals, right?

In 2009 I’m sure we had a lot of goals, but whatever they were was overshadowed by BUYING A HOUSE. We hoped and dreamed and I am still amazed by the fact that we succeeded in buying a house. We bought a house! What more could you possibly expect out of us?

In the middle of Operation Becoming a Homeowner (and yes, that was the title of our Google doc planning out the research and purchase of a house), Jess’ old Honda was totaled. With most of our savings earmarked for a down payment on a house and our credit on hold in fear of messing up our home loan, it was a little hard to shop for a car. And seriously, what car do you buy to replace the car that carried you across the country on your Honeymoon?

We have hemmed and hawed over this decision for the past six months. Do we become a one car family? Buy a brand new car? A used car? We considered everything from a 1974 BMW 2002 to a barely used Prius. And finally, ten days into the New Year, we obliterated one of our major goals for this year and bought a car.

It turns out that despite the fact that I know almost nothing about cars, we have always been good at picking cars. Our thorough research and Consumer Reports told us to buy either a Scion XA (already have one and love it but you can’t find cheap used ones!), a Honda Civic (the car we were replacing), or a Toyota Echo . The Echo was the first car I ever bought and loved, and it gets incredible gas mileage, so we finally settled on a cheap older one we could buy outright. Now Jess just has to relearn how to drive a stick. And with that came a great sense of relief for us both. Major decision made. Now we might as well knock out a bunch of other stuff our little hearts desire.

Here are some of the things we want to do this year. If we even do a few of them, it is going to be an awesome year.

buy a car
start a designated emergency car repair or replacement fund
build a chicken coop and get chickens
start keeping bees
grow a badass garden – we are starting from scratch in our new yard, so this goal alone could take up the whole year, not to mention…
Jess becoming a Master Gardener through our local WSU extension program
finish painting the inside of the house
get new wood floors in the house
replace a lot of the trim and baseboards
start putting together that emergency kit I always talk about
AND go on a family vacation or two – NYC watch out in April!

And with all that typed out, I am going to start getting ambitious on our laundry.

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