2009 in photos: year’s end


We had more coffee and cupcakes at the Cupcake Royale Fall Cupcake Fest.

We made our annual back to school shopping trek to H&M. Levi tried on many hats and impersonated Justin Timberlake.

Levi always has some obscure Halloween costume request, so I did my best to make him a Spy vs. Spy character.


My prediction for Referendum 71 was thankfully WRONG and we suddenly find ourselves having almost as many rights as any other married couple! At the same time we celebrated the first anniversary of our second wedding (the day we got married in CA just before voters took away our right to get married).

We did a ridiculous amount of antiquing in November. I got this gnome and named him Carol after Carol Channing. I am a little obsessed.

We installed our first light fixture, and I have to tell you, our house is slowly but surely starting to feel like home.


We baked our balls off to make holiday gifts for friends. These are the chocolate hazelnut crinkles baked by Levi. Okay, I made the dough but he baked them without any parental supervision.

We did our own presents in fabric this year and used leftover paper for family. Levi even made a giant tag for mine. I was pretty pleased with the neatly folded stack of fabric we had at the end of the gift bonanza.

We managed to squeeze in our own little family celebration between me working and celebrations with friends and family. Levi and I got Jess everything she needs to get started with bees this year.


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