2009 in photos: the second quarter


We “convinced” Levi to get his photo with the Easter Bunny. Okay, we bribed him with a round of glow golf. His photos with Santa as a small child looked like they were straight out of Parenting’s “Scared of Santa” photo gallery, so this makes up for that.

We visited the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries and tried the oxygen bar, tested our ESP, and learned all about mysteries like Mel’s Hole, D.B. Cooper, and bigfoot.

Levi lost a tooth at our favorite breakfast spot, Darby’s. Apparently it is normal for a 12 year-old to lose a tooth. We had to look it up.


We put in raised beds and Levi helped us move 2 cubic-yards of mushroom compost mix.

And then Levi broke his left wrist (again).

Another mini-trip to Port Townsend where we explored and built sand castles. We saw the movie Up at the old Rose Theatre and were delighted by both the movie and the theatre.


By early June we were already eating from our garden!

Levi celebrated his 13th birthday at the Capitol Theater playing X-Box games on the big screen and shooting Nerf guns from the balcony.

Oh, and eating X-Box shaped cake.


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