Before & After

Just a reminder: Our apple tree fell down. Fortunately, my friend Kate knows how to use a chainsaw. She came over Sunday and we spent the morning in the backyard. She missed her calling as a lumberjack, because she dissected that tree into “manageable pieces” in a matter of minutes.

The apple tree has been reduced to a pile of apple sticks and apple logs.

Now, we just have to decide what we’re going to do with the manageable pieces.


Filed under fall, home, urban farming

2 responses to “Applewood

  1. dk

    depending on how flat/even the cuts are, you could use bigger pieces of the trunk as stools or little tables for outdoor furniture!

    • jess

      oh! you have no idea, we have so many ideas!! if you go to and search for wood slices, you will see the tip of the ice berg. also, our friend suggested we save some of the wood for bbq’ing in the summer, so we can make applewood-smoked (veggie) burgers and other outdoor food.

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