my favorite dinner

Goodness, I’ve been spending so much time lounging around enjoying our new rights (Thanks again, Voters of Washington!), I forgot to write about our latest obsession.

Do you know who has the best restaurant recommendations in our household? It’s Levi. He has a great memory, a good sense of direction, friends/family who take him to interesting and diverse places, and a discerning palate. So if you need to find some place good or something specific, just ask him.

I’ve been complaining for months, maybe years, about a lack of vegetarian pho in Olympia. Everyone I have consulted has agreed with me – no veggie pho, or at least none worth mentioning. So, we would drive to Tacoma to eat at Nhu Thuy when the pho cravings were too powerful to resist. And then, one night when Krista was at work, Levi was like, “Can we get pho for dinner?” I reminded him there was no good veggie pho and I didn’t feel like driving to Tacoma, and he told me he found a place in Olympia. They have tofu pho with vegetarian broth, which is actually not even on the menu. The first time we went, the lady there was so sweet to us, asking how long we’d been vegetarians and complimenting us on our lifestyle choice. I don’t know about you, but I don’t often get that kind of response when I order vegetarian food. Since then, Pho Hoa has become a hotly anticipated biweekly treat. With thin slivers of onion, lots of basil, crunchy cold bean sprouts, lime juice and a some chili sauce, it’s the world’s most wonderful winter dinner.


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