2009 halloween

Oh, look, it’s our belated Halloween post! Finally!

Levi’s costume was Black Spy, from the comic strip Spy Versus Spy. Krista made the mask, which turned out fantastic, and assembled the costume. When Levi got home from trick or treating, I asked him the mandatory questions, “Did you get a lot of candy? Did you have fun? Did people like your costume?” Yes, yes, yes, of course, yes. Then I asked, “Did you see any cool costumes?” He thought about it for a minute, then answered, “No… I think my costume was the best.” You may be wondering how he could see through this mask. The answer is, well, mostly he couldn’t except through the space at the end of the nose. He wouldn’t let me cut eye holes in it! He liked the mask so much, he didn’t want to mess it up at all. He came home without any broken bones, so all’s well that ends well.

The animals, of course, enjoyed their holiday as well.

Elsa stole all the candy.

Cash dressed up as a diva. Okay, maybe that’s not much of a costume for him, since he acts that way all the time.

Then we ate some pumpkin food (pumpkin lasagna, pumpkin spice cake with honey cream cheese icing). Happy Halloween!


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