Cats Versus Dogs

For the past year, our household has been waiting and waiting for the dogs and cats to reach their own dysfunctional equilibrium. Their relations have been pretty chill for a while now, but my heart’s desire has always been to see Cash & Elsa cuddling. They are both heat-seeking cuddlebunnies who are a little slow on the pick-up, and they would just be the sweetest pair if they curled up together on the couch.

I might be waiting for a while…

But, in the meantime, I will settle for the on-going entertainment of Elsa on the dining room table swatting Cash every time he gets within paw’s reach.


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2 responses to “Cats Versus Dogs

  1. oh my god i can’t believe how big elsa got! she is such a pretty cat!

    • jess

      you know flattering someone’s beloved pet is the surest way to win their affections, but i already like you!

      but do go on.

      we like her a lot, too. she’s so big now, precious squirrelkitteh.

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