Weird Food & Rickety Rides

We got free tickets to the Puyallup Fair at our respective workplaces & schools, and decided to spend an evening there. I, for one, have never been to the Puyallup Fair, and I don’t think Krista & Levi have gone in ages, so we were all overdue for strange food & rickety rides. We grabbed Levi & his friend and headed off through rush hour traffic.

Our first stop was at the stand for Elephant Ears. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were a 13 year old boy about to ride a bunch of crazy gravity-defying rides, I would want to eat the elephant ears later, but not these boys. They wanted the ears now.

With the sweet, greasy, fried bread safely tucked away in our bellies, we sent the boys off to ride all the crazy rides that just don’t seem safe to me anymore (that’s how you know I’m getting old) and we wandered off to see prize-winning pumpkins & alpacas shaved like poodles. We saw goats, donkeys, yaks, lambs, goats (including la mancha goats and fainting goats, which are so adorable), several varieties of miniature ponies, llamas, and tiny cows. I mean, like, miniature cows. It begs the question, could we fit miniature cows in our backyard? Our friend, Emma, is right. The Fair is a rough place for people with little city lots & big homesteader ambitions. We saw scare crows and raised beds, and all the made-for-tv hawkers you can possibly dream of.

We saw the Grange displays, and took some photos of our favorites.

City Gardens

Yellow Brick Road

Rainbow Grange

Krista & I had some delicious roasted corn. The boys couldn’t get out of line for the Tornado or Giant Slide, so they missed out on the corn. It’s probably for the best, anyway. I heard they had a root beer float instead. The corn was delicious – perfectly roasted, dipped in a giant vat of melted butter (I will admit this is a little gross, but it’s fair food! come on!), and then there was a whole table of condiments, including a spicy cajun seasoning. I could have eaten this corn for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if there was a modicum of nutrition.

We even saw an elusive, rare creature: a rainbow unicorn!

Finally, we peeled the boys away from the “test your strength” game, where they won 2 giant inflatable swords, which they dueled with all the way to the parking lot. Both swords got holes & deflated just in time for us to drive home safely, with that satisfying, gritty feeling you get from a day at the fair.



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3 responses to “Weird Food & Rickety Rides

  1. for the readers: this is a key part of the puyallup fair experience: the theme song!

    • jess

      You are absolutely right. The song is a crucial part of the marketing, although they don’t actually play it at the fair, that I could tell. I think they should, though.

  2. Oh my gosh! I *LOVE* that rainbow display. So cool!

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