you should see my new house

We decided to buy a house. We shopped, intensely, forever. Then, we found it. We spent weeks waiting, worried every day. But the homebuying process just kept moving forward. No one makes any money if you don’t close, so the pressure is on every piece of the machine to get you into that house. It seemed very sudden; we had a date at this crazy building.

We signed a lot of papers, and suddenly we had a mortgage. I mean, it was a LOT of papers. It’s a LOT of mortgage, too.

We painted for two solid days. Actually, Krista painted mostly. I taped the edges, packed our old house, and cleaned and cleaned. We packed so many boxes. It felt like a billion. Our very sweet family and friends helped us fill up a 17′ uhaul (three times!) and move everything across town. I am forever indebted to you all, and I encourage all of you to buy a house so we can help you move. Especially if it means I can drive the u-haul. I took some pictures of people moving, but I don’t know if it’s very nice to post them without permission from everyone. I unfortunately missed the picture of Levi hauling the dryer into the u-haul (with isaac’s help, but mostly on his own). I really don’t like moving anymore. I’ve decided we’re staying here for a very, very long time.


partway done

We still aren’t done painting, so I don’t have any nice room pictures to show you. Actually, the whole house is mostly full of moving boxes, so I am not posting any other pictures. The cats & dogs are having the time of their lives, Levi has made an “office” out of his closet, and no one can really find everything they need in the kitchen. I am working on getting our compost bins set up before winter sets in, and the ground cherries are still coming in droves.


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