Tomato Update

This is the most photogenic, ripe part of our tomato harvest so far. We have about 3 giant shopping bags of unripe or less-perfect tomatoes, which we did not photograph. Krista sent home a big bag of these with her mom last night (hi, Deanna, I hope they are delicious!) During the big harvest event, we found a ton of tomatoes that had been eaten by bugs – or worse, BIRDS! I am 99% certain that the bird damage has occurred since we moved the dogs to the new house. When the pooches patrolled the backyard, none of those birds would have dared to touch our bounty. So, let this stand as evidence that our dogs, as ridiculous as it seems, are officially working dogs. Living scarecrows, if you will. And I will throw 20lbs of wasted 2lb pink Brandywine and Great White tomatoes (I weep just thinking about it!) at anyone who says otherwise.

Here are the pups, hard at work.

You can really see the variety of the heirlooms coming out now that they are all ripening at once. It’s thrilling in the biggest nerdy way to see so many types of tomatoes that we grew ourselves. The pink ones just started ripening, and added a whole new level of excitement to the harvest of the orange, yellow, red, purple, and green. I think with this tomato harvest of fancy organic, heirloom varieties, our garden just paid for itself.

We have the (un?)enviable position of finding ways to eat 30 lbs of tomatoes. I have suggested that we preserve them, but with 1 house to unpack and another in the process of being cleaned, time is our greatest commodity. So last night, we made pizza. We used trader joe’s crust, tomatoes from our garden for the sauce, another tomato & two types of pepper from our garden (sweet Italian & Big Bomb semi-spicy) as the toppings. It was delicious. I mean, these tomatoes are ridiculous. In a good way.

Here’s a special outtake of Levi & Clementine hanging out with the tomatoes.

Last night, Levi asked for dessert. It’s pretty funny because our house is such a disaster area (we just moved! go easy on us!) we were lucky to make dinner at all. I told him he could have tomatoes for dessert. He was not at all opposed to this, although he bargained for permission to snack on a crunchy sweet Italian pepper as well. I think he ate 3-4 tomatoes and a pepper for dessert. I never would have gone for that as a kid! (Right, Mom?)

A lot of people have been asking where we got these tomato plants. I just bought a dozen from this website back in April or March. I babied them on a sunny windowsill for about six weeks, hardened them off, and planted them out on Mother’s Day weekend, which I am told is the standard plant-out day for heat-loving veggies in this region.

Also, here’s a gigantic


to everyone who says you can’t grow tomatoes very successfully in the PNW! Although we did get unreasonably lucky with the hottest summer we could have hoped for, I think our raised beds would have produced a pretty decent harvest anyway, since they keep the roots so toasty.

I know I owe a post about the new house! It’s on its way!


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One response to “Tomato Update

  1. janet

    oh gosh i’d buy some from you if i lived nearby. i love heirloom tomatoes.

    and to use up extras – you can always make batches of tomato sauce and freeze it for later.

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