Closing Time!


Well, yesterday we found out that we can close early. As in, TODAY! So by the next time I update this blog, we will be homeowners! I never thought this day was going to get here, and now it’s early. This morning I tried to sing all the songs I know about closing time to Krista – that classic irritating Semisonics song, the Tom Waits album, the Leonard Cohen song, and she didn’t know them! I guess they are all about closing the bar at the end of the night, though. Has anyone written a song about signing and signing and signing a huge stack of papers in a soulless office building? For some reason I doubt it.

It’s hard to work when all I can think about is The House. Good thing I have plenty to do & the resident wildlife to entertain me. This week I’ve seen the hummingbirds and a hunting owl, and this morning, the mama deer and her fawn. I took some pictures of the deer, but the birds are hard to photograph from an office.

Next up: moving & unpacking & painting!


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