Garden update

This is a picture of our garden from April 23.

This is a picture of our garden on june 9. It’s perfectly respectable. I was even proud of it, back then. There is nothing wrong with this garden. I just want to emphasize that on june 9th, i have a distinct memory of being proud of the garden.

so, here is a picture of our garden today, july 19. the tomato plants are as tall as me. the beans have formed a solid wall on the little trellis, and it’s a giant, dense sea of greens. i caught the dogs in the shot so you can imagine the scale… a six pound chihuahua and an italian greyhound.

here’s another picture for scale… sarajane was quick to point out that you can crawl between the two beds, and it is a little garden house. we used to be able to walk between the beds, but those days ended when the bok choy went to seed.


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2 responses to “Garden update

  1. andrea

    holy crap! they’re beautiful and so lush! i see those tomatoes are kicking ass now!

    • jess and krista

      they are doing their best! they are starting to get ripe. it’s going to get a little crazy around here!!

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