Birthday Weekend extravaganza

We’re having a major birthday weekend. We celebrated Levi’s 13th with his friends today. He’s going on a big exciting trip with his dad and won’t be around for his actual 13th birthday. Tomorrow, we’re having the Theiss Family birthday celebration – Mike, Bryan, Levi, Josh, Beth, & I all have birthdays in June & July. Ridiculous, right? So…. much ….. cake……

We borrowed the beautiful and historic Capitol Theater, home of the Olympia Film Society in downtown Olympia for Levi’s party.

Isaac, our handy technical consultant and dad, hooked up Levi’s xbox 360 to the projector, so we could play video games on the big, big screen.

Isaac rules & deserves many thanks & congratulations for his tireless service & assistance.

We invited a posse of Levi’s pals, ordered a mountain of pizza from Old School, and provided soda & candy for intermission munchies.

Have you ever seen a movie theater with a only handful of boys, heavily sedated by video games and sprawled across the front row? It’s adorable. Let me show you.

We also had some Nerf dart guns & lazer tag guns to keep boredom at bay. This resulted in several dark “behind the screen” shoot outs.

THE CAKE: Krista ordered an x-box 360 cake from the Celebrity Cake Studio Bakery in Tacoma. They are well-loved for the ridiculously fancy wedding cakes, but stooped to our level for the occasion. Krista & I went to pick up the cake this morning. It was pretty amazing, like a life-sized xbox made from fondant. Krista ordered chocolate cake with boston cream filling (his favorite). Levi said, “You Are So Cool!” It was a cool cake, you have to admit, and also more delicious than I expected. We lit the candles, and Levi blew them out.

Oh, yes, and there was a great deal of boisterous, enthusiastic “Happy Birthday” singing, cake eating, and sugar rushing.



sugar rushing:

You know, I’ve never actually co-hosted a birthday party for a teenage boy before. Yes, this was my first time; could you tell? I think Levi’s birthday was sufficiently celebrated and welcomed. Here’s to a wonderful year! Oh my god, a teenager!!!!



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2 responses to “Birthday Weekend extravaganza

  1. ellen

    wow. that looks so awesome! i’ve never known anyone who had a whole movie theater to themselves – that’s straight out of the movie annie! color me impressed.

    and look at cute little krista and cute baby levi!

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