Port Townsend staycation

It occurred to me this morning that I never wrote about our quick weekend jaunt to Port Townsend. For some reason, Krista & I both woke up one Saturday morning with a serious itch to get on the road. We did some google research (is there any other kind of research these days? it’s shameful but so, so handy. So much for scientific inquiry.) and narrowed it down to 3 places within a few hours drive. We settled on Port Townsend, which is straight up highway 101 and situated on the extreme northeastern corner of the Olympia Peninsula. Port Townsend is known for its Victorian architecture. There are tons of neat buildings downtown.

Fortunately (for us) the Hood Canal Bridge was closed, so there were plentiful, affordable hotel rooms, and there were very few tourists. We got a room in a sweet antique boutique hotel (The Belmont Hotel) on the main street. You could see the water from our window, and Levi had to climb a ladder to get to his lofted bedroom. Krista took the second picture from the loft.

Our first stop was Nifty Fifties, a re-created 1950s soda shop built from authentic, reclaimed soda shop machines, counters, tables, decor, etc. There were tabletop jukeboxes and phosphate sodas and veggie burgers. What more could you ask for?

Levi played Blue Suede Shoes, and I played some Patsy Cline.

Then we headed to the beach to frolic in the surf. We walked for a long time, and admired all the oddities. We found a ton of jelly fish.

You could see Mount Hood (i think?) over in Canada. This is the same mountain that was behind us when we got married. Allegedly, you could even see Victoria across the Strait, but my eyes are getting bad.

We walked down to the lighthouse, and then back towards the car and spent a ridiculous amount of time building a elaborate sand castle. It was an architectural marvel, just take my word for it.

Levi made the flag for the top & developed the backstory and history of our kingdom.

We were wiped out & exhausted after this exuberance, so we decided to be chill & see a movie in the evening. We barely caught the last showing of Up (Pixar’s newest) at the historic Rose Theater. It was a great old theater, and a really entertaining movie.

We slept very well, and drove back to Olympia after a leisurely brunch & stroll around town.


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