Mid-June Fruition

Happy Father’s Day & Summer Solstice. Can you believe that every day between now and December 21 is going to be shorter than the one before? Kind of depressing.

Levi’s cast was cut off on the last day of school, just in time for some serious summer activities (video games & swimming). Let’s hope we can avoid broken bones for a while.

We planted the seeds that will hopefully become our fall garden. Brussel sprouts & kale! Krista has really taken charge of this generation of the garden, which is pretty wonderful since I’m spending a lot of time chopping down all the bok choy and radishes that are going to seed. Some of the seeds she planted are sprouted already!

She’s also taking care of the front porch herb garden – several kinds of basil, dill, oregano, chives, and cilantro.

Our first tomato is growing. Yes, I know some of you have giant tomato plants. Don’t rub it in. We live in a freaking temperate rainforest. We are pretty proud we even got this far. and don’t forget, we bought a mysterious “variety pack” of heirloom tomatoes, so we have no idea what kind of tomatoes we are growing. i am betting this is a striped german, but that is a very, very uneducated guess. really, more of a crap shoot.

Do you know anything about growing ground cherries? You may remember when I complained about how they never sprouted (back in April). Well, they finally sprouted, but they seem way too small. I know our climate is not optimal for growing them, but I did buy the seeds from a farm that grows in Bellvue so I thought we’d be okay. Anyway, they are still really tiny, even though we’ve employed all our creative ideas to heat them up and keep them warm. We’ve been using cloches (some kind of old-timey farming method, it’s a glass bell you can use like a mini-greenhouse… we have two, thank you Value Village) Krista also planted a few in a black pot (warm!) covered by a vinyl teepee. They all seem to be doing much better since we started this, but they still seem shrimpy. We might not get much out of them this year, but they are starting to finally get leafy.

(please note our nearly ineffective organic gardening attempts at pest control in this picture – beer traps that don’t catch slugs, and a tuft of cat hair to keep away the birds.)

I don’t have any photos of the potato plants, but they are crazy! All the flowers are blooming, so we have to wait for them to die back & then start digging up the potatoes. The Cal Reds we are growing have pinkish reddish blossoms, and the yukon gold’s flowers are white. I swear they doubled in size last night while we were sleeping.

And last, but never least, the green beans started coming in. There are var. Provider.



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5 responses to “Mid-June Fruition

  1. My tomato plants may be taller, but my tomatoes are not as fancy or pretty as that one. Not even close.

    • jess and krista

      I will be much happier about the gorgeousness of it if we actually get to eat tomatoes this year! Do you have tomatoes yet?

      • We have some green ones. One is about the size of the 12 year old’s fist, the rest are between marble size and golf ball size. None are anywhere close to ready to eat.

        • jess and krista

          that is so exciting! you could make fried green tomatoes! 12 year old fists are highly variable measurement units. our 12 year old’s fist is bigger than mine! do you have a Countdown to Salsa and Spaghetti Sauce calendar for ripening the tomatoes?

          • her’s is just slightly smaller than mine and i have small hands.
            i can’t say i have a countdown calendar or anything, but as many tomatoes as i HOPE we will have, we will be saving most of it. i’ve looked in to making tomato paste (but i have the wrong tomatoes!) and spaghetti sauce to can, i love making fresh salsa, so i may try to can that too.
            luckily, my mother-in-law KNOWS how to can and has volunteered to help me. she won 4H awards for canning as a kid, so i feel a little better about not giving my family botulism, you know?

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