Baby Beans

The beans are starting! We have about a dozen tiny beans growing on our bean plants. I actually took this picture two days ago, and they have doubled in size since then! They are such perfect, tiny little beans, I can’t even believe it. I can be found in the evenings sitting in the backyard just staring at them & marveling at them. These are on the bush beans, var. Provider. My Aunt Lynne suggested that we name them George & Laura. Pretty funny, huh? What a jokester. Only trouble with those names is that I like these bushes and I expect them to produce something good for my family. ba dum chhh

The early spring days of the garden are coming to a close. A radish bolted yesterday, and two of the bok choy plants are right behind it. I’m going to let them bloom & seed, and I’ll try to save some seeds for next year. Don’t worry, I got five books from the library telling me how to save seeds. I am doing my homework.


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