Future Dinners

I love this picture of our garden because you can see ALL of the growing space. You can see all three raised beds, the tater tires, and even the hanging basket we are growing a zucchini in. i am still not sure if that is a good way to grow a zucchini, but our options are slim so i’m hoping it works out.

Actually, I am doing my best to kill the zucchini (not on purpose… don’t ask, it’s a long story), so it may be irrelevant. I read about some people who grow zucchinis in vertical gardens and they use little hammocks or pieces of pantyhose tied to the trellis or fence. This cradles the growing zucchini’s weight, and allows you to grow vertically. If our zucchini survives to the fruiting point, we might try it.

You can see the bean trellis Krista built with some scraps, twine, and a prayer. I dug around the yard and found the scraps, she did the assembling. It’s pretty sturdy somehow. We have scarlet runners planted on the front and back of that.

Here is a list of other plants you can see in no particular order:

11 kinds of tomatoes
4 kinds of lettuce
an ocean of bok choy
scarlet runner beans
bush beans
six kinds of peppers (i think)
rainbow chard
carrot tops
radish greens
2 kinds of potatoes
(the leeks, ground cherries & zucchini are just out of the frame)

Of course, it just looks like a sea of green, so don’t be surprised if you can’t pick out more than 4 or 5 of those. We had bok choy for dinner, alongside biscuits & gravy two days ago. The day before that, we ate radishes from our garden in our salad. They are cherry belle radishes, perfectly peppy and spicy and crunchy. Two days before that, i made a bok choy-sweet potato curry. We are getting creative with our bok choy. Our bok choy keeps going and going. Levi has been eating it without a single grumble. I guess it really is his favorite vegetable after all. We have had some problems with caterpillars eating the bok choy, but we’re not stressing about it because we have bok choy to spare.

Krista has been trying to name our 11 tomato plants lately. This guy is Beanpole. He’s the tallest of them, over two feet high. Yes, we know this is not very big for a tomato plant in other regions where it gets hot, but we are gardening in the PNW!

This is Monstro. I trench planted this guy (more info about trench planting here) and he’s gotten a real sturdy stem as a result. The bigger gnome of our garden can usually be found hanging out with Monstro.

The basil I grew from seed is starting to take off finally. It’s been real shrimpy for a long time. I bought some supplemental starts at the farmers market for the front porch herb garden, so I guess we’re just going to have a whole lot of basil.

And of course, what would the garden be without our beloved pets? Clementine posed for Krista to take a picture of her and the lettuce garden. This way, you can get some perspective on how freakin’ huge our lettuce forest is getting. You can also get a special shot of the 11th tomato plant (unnamed) and a bush bean plant. The bush beans are starting to set beans, but that’s a subject for next time.


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