Black Cast Off

Just in time for summer vacation, they cut off Levi’s cast! Whoo hoo! I missed the cast removal, but I heard it was super stinky and sweaty under there. Is that too much information? The x-rays look good, the wrist bone is healing properly, and Levi got a second, shorter cast. This one has a lifespan of less than two weeks. He might even let us sign it.

Grandma, you will be happy to know that he very strongly considered your vote for the purple cast, but in the end, his original plan of a red cast won out. Everyone needs to come sign this cast. It is not long for this world! He must be feeling a little better because he challenged me to a sword fight in the backyard and proceeded to whip my ass. Anyone know where you can get fencing lessons in Olympia?


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One response to “Black Cast Off

  1. Deanna

    Well, I do think red is much better than black. No I can sign it. Just don’t break your arm again or it will have to be purple!

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