A Whole Mountain of Poop

I’ve been having a heck of a time finding a way to get 2 cubic yards of top soil delivered to our house. Can’t do it in a scion or a civic, and most delivery people charge $100 an hour (with their dump trucks that hold 15 yards) or have a minimum of a 5 yard order. I have no use for 5 yards of dirt, so I was stuck!

By some good fortune, Krista and I met one of our neighbors the other day. She’s a lady with an enviable garden and beautiful kale. She gave us the name of her landscaper, and we swapped garden stories for a little while. Today, I called her landscaper to see if he could deliver a shorter load of dirt to me, and what do you know? He said, “Sure, how about this afternoon?!” I told him when Krista would be home from work, and he said he’d be there. (You like how I did that? Schedule delivery for a time when I won’t be home? Yes, I am the luckiest girl in the world.)

Sure enough, he delivered a mountain of compost and dirt to our house with his big truck. I’m so glad we bought an extra shovel this weekend! We borrowed our landlord’s wheel barrow to move the dirt from the mountain to the raised beds. Krista & Levi fell right to work, taking an ice cream cone break after 15 wheel barrows full.

(if you look closely at his forehead you can see actual sweat!)

I got home when they hit wheelbarrow #16, changed out of my biz-cas clothes and got dirty. It started raining at some point, but we managed to hustle hustle hustle and move all the dirt before the sun went down.

(please note, we’re growing more than just plants around here. we’re growing lots of hair, too)

Then we were way too tired to cook so we had to order pizza for dinner. THE TERRIBLE TRIALS OF URBAN FARMING. Levi said “I’m no farmer, I’m a cappuccino-sipping city boy,” but I have a sneaking suspicion that he had a very good time nonetheless. That was really his only complaint for most of the day. I think kids just inherently like dirt.

So we have two 6’x3′ beds filled up, a 3’x3′ bed for the herb garden, and a trio of tires for growing potatoes (we’re going to try to grow the taters in tire stacks this year). We also saved a pile of extra dirt to fill the tires as we stack ’em. This is a good way to greatly increase your potato yield with a small footprint in case you are short on space in your garden, or just don’t want to deal with sprawling potato plants.

next up: getting the quadrillions of seedlings into the dirt. no idea how much bok choy will survive this transplant, but we have about 300 bok choy seedlings, 45 tomato plants, 70 basil plants, and 80 hundred million carrots. Some have to be sacrificed.

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