Springtime in WA

I hope the spring is treating everyone well. We are having a great time in Olympia, enjoying our backyard as much as our local region. The farmer’s market is open, everything is blooming, and some days, it gets to be 70 degrees.

Saturday night, we drove up to Auburn for a very special experience – the drive-in movies! Both Levi & Jess had never been to the drive-in before, and Krista hadn’t gone in at least a decade, so we really enjoyed ourselves. We all had a great time, and plan on visiting more drive-ins in the western Washington region. We ate delicious Vietnamese food in Tacoma before the movies, but double features are SO LONG! We had to snack on some nachos. You have to wait until it’s dark before they start the movies, and then the two movies, well… I’m so glad we all took naps in the day, because it was a Late Night!

The Drive-In is cool! You tune your car to the right radio station, hook up a wire to your car’s antenna, and then it broadcasts the movie into your car’s speakers. The whole experience is kind of like a time warp. Check out the bathroom wallpaper (below).

Next time, I think we should take lawn chairs, some blankets, and snacks.


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