Our Victory Garden

Our backyard is fully in bloom. I had the good fortune of finding some really beautiful raised garden beds for sale at the local co-op for extremely cheap. They are made from reclaimed tongue and groove cedar. I am so excited to fill them with dirt & grow some of our own produce this year.

Our seedlings have been growing indoors for weeks and weeks now. I’ve started dozens of tomato plants (does anyone local need some tomato plants? I have more than we can possibly keep), including several dozen fat red organic heirloom summer slicer tomatoes, and a handful of weird organic heirloom varieties. I bought a mixed package of the varieties, so I guess we won’t know what we’re growing until they start fruiting! We have bok choy seedlings trying to take over our house, radishes, carrots, lettuce, bush beans, peppers, basil, potatoes, and maybe, just maybe, some ground cherries. So far, the bok choy has been the most successful. I think the beans might be doing better if the cats would quit chewing on their tender little leaves. All the seeds are organic, heirloom varieties. I hope to pick up starts of other herbs (probably at the farmer’s market) to get a better herb garden, but I want to wait until it’s warmer and the raised beds are full of dirt. We already have tons of basil and rosemary growing.

What are you growing this year?

Here’s a gratuitous shot from downtown Olympia, Percival Landing boardwalk. We have been walking around downtown a lot lately since the weather has been so beautiful.


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